Unemployment is Falling Across America

Unemployment is Falling Across AmericaIn seventy-five percent of the cities in the United States, unemployment numbers has fallen in September, 2011. From August to September, the unemployment rates have fallen in two hundred eighty large metro areas. Since April, 2011, that is the largest number of cites to see a decrease. Employers across the nation have added over a hundred thousand jobs in September with unemployment rate at nine point one for the third straight month.

Many of the areas that had the sharpest drops in unemployment had large colleges and universities and most likely added jobs at the start of the school year. The biggest drop in unemployment in September was at State College, Pennsylvania, which is home to Penn State University, saw its unemployment rate go from six point five to five point one percent. The second biggest drop in unemployment went to Grand Forks, North Dakota which is home to the University of North Dakota. The rate dropped from five percent to four point one percent.

Cities that saw a rise in unemployment were the costal cities where summer jobs have ended. In Ocean City, New Jersey their unemployment rate went from seven point nine in August to nine percent in September. The second largest increase in unemployment goes to Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi where it went from eight point seven percent to nine point eight percent.

The lowest unemployment rate can be found in Bismarck, North Dakota at two point five percent. Cities that had one million or more residents the lowest unemployment rate was five point five percent in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The reason is because Oklahoma has been benefiting for the gas and oil productions and the high prices being paid for agricultural commodities and grains.