American Soldier Gets 10 Years For Raping Korean Girl

American Soldier Gets 10 Years For Raping Korean GirlA 21-year-old American soldier was handed a 10-year jail-term for raping a 16-year-old South Korean teenager in Seoul, South Korea. The Uijeongbu District Court found Pfc. Kevin Flippin guilty of sexually assaulting the girl many times at her small boarding room near Seoul in September. Court spokesman Lee Sang-yup revealed the soldier raped and threatened the girl with a pair of scissors, a knife and a lighter.

He said the soldier also robbed the girl of 5,000 won ($4.50). It can be recalled that when the news broke out of the rape incident, American military officials issued a public apology on the incident. It was learned that the prosecution panel earlier sought for a 15-year jail sentenced for the soldier.

However, the court lowered it to 10 years after the accused apologized for his act and asked forgiveness saying he is still young and the rape was his first crime. To avoid the repeat of a similar incident, American military officials in South Korea already imposed a curfew for U.S. soldiers and increased joint patrols by U.S. soldiers and South Korean police around U.S. installations in South Korea. Moreover, court documents has showed that the 10-year prison term was the second harshest punishment to erring American soldiers in South Korea.

In 1991, an American soldier was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a South Korean bar employee. The punishment was reduced to 15 years until the eventual release of the accused in 2006.