It is Time to Set Your Clocks Back an Hour Sunday

It is Time to Set Your Clocks Back an Hour SundayOn Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 2:30 in the morning it will be time to set your clocks back an hour. If you are not going to be up at that time in the morning, then do it before you go to bed. It is that time of the year where people who work third shift get an extra hour of work but do not get paid for it. With setting your clocks back, for many it means that it is going to be dark before you even finish supper. Some doctors say that the extra hour of sleep is healthy for you but having so many hours of darkness can also be depressing.

History of Daylight Savings Time

The seven months that we get of daylight savings time is mandated by the government who began implementing the switch during World Wars I and II. They did this to say resources for the war effort and to save energy. Since World War II until just recently daylight savings time here in the United States ran from April to October. In 2007, once again the government had to fix things that were not broken and change when daylight savings time started and ended.

Now it begins three weeks earlier and ends one week later. They did this because they hope it will save energy. The government figures that you can save energy because you do not have to turn on your lights at night with longer daylight in the evening. They did a study and found that during daylight savings time electric use did decrease by 0.5 percent per day, which is enough to power approximately 122,000 homes for a year.