United States Hits new Record on Poorest Poor

Poorest PoorOne in fifteen people are considered to be one of poorest poor person in the United States. This is a record high and spreads widely across many metropolitan areas. The housing bust has pushed many of the inner city poor into suburbs and other places because of shriveled income and jobs. The government is getting ready to release the first ever economic data information, which shows that more elderly, working age and Hispanics have fallen into poverty. There is no unaffected group except the very rich.

There are approximately twenty point five million people in the United States who make up the poorest poor, which equals to six point seven percent of the population. The poorest poor can be defined as those people who are at least fifty percent or less of what is considered the official poverty level. Of the forty six point two million people that are just scraping by below the poverty line, nearly half of them are living in deep poverty. The poorest poor meant an income for an individual of five thousand five hundred seventy dollars or less. For a family of four, the income was eleven thousand one hundred fifty-seven dollars. Those figures were for 2010.

Since the Census Bureau started keeping records thirty-five years ago, the six point seven percent is the highest it has ever been. In 1993 and 2006 the percentage was jut a little over six. The District of Columbia and forty other states had increases in the poorest poor since 2007. None saw decreases. The District of Columbus was ranked the highest with ten point seven percent followed by Mississippi and New Mexico with Nevada having the biggest increase. Nevada went from four point six percent to seven percent.