Hang up the American Flag and Face Eviction

A seventy year old Navy veteran is facing eviction from his apartment if he hangs out his American flag on Veteran’s Day November 12th. The reason that he will be facing eviction is that he will be breaking the rules of his apartment complex. The man, Edward Zivica, lives in Springfield, Oregon in a subsidized housing project. He has been given notice that if he puts anything on the exterior walls he will be evicted.

After he put the flag up for Navy Day on October 27th, he received the notice. He had hung the flag near the main entrance outside of the community room. There are several days that pay homage to by hanging out his flag. In June, he got a notice from the management telling him to quit hanging out his flag.

He was in the Submarine Service of the Navy from 1960 to 1967. The flag he keeps hanging out is the one that he received from the Army when his father died. His father was a World War II veteran and he has a brother who was a Marine and served in Korea.

Because he does not have many housing options, he has decided to sign a compliance notice stating that he will not fly his flag any longer. The CEO of the apartment complex states that they have nothing against the American flag but they did not want to take a chance that it could lead to other banners or flags that could be controversial.