Legendary Commentator, Andy Rooney, Dead at 92

Legendary Commentator, Andy Rooney, Dead at 92Andy Rooney, commentator for 60 Minutes has died only thirty days after he delivered his one thousand ninety-seventh and final commentary about life’s small and large absurdities. He had always stated that he was not going to retire because writers never retired but he did at the age of ninety-two. He went to the hospital for undisclosed surgery. He did not recover after major complications had developed.

His segment on 60 Minutes was called A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney. On his segment he talked about things in the news. Occasionally his comments got him into trouble. He didn’t mind discussing why air travel was not pleasant any longer, why he had clothes in his closet that were old and so much more. He won 4 Emmy Awards and one he received was for a piece he done about if there was a real Mrs. Smith who made those delicious Mrs. Smith’s Pies. There was not a real Mrs. Smith.

In 1949, he worked as a freelance writer when he met Arthur Godfrey, a CBS radio star. He bluntly told Arthur Godfrey that his show could stand to use writing that was better. He was hired and by 1953 he was the only writer for Arthur Godfrey when he moved to television. In the early 1960’s he was writing for CBS Garry Moore. In 1964 he settled into a partnership at CBS News with Harry Reasoner. He was told he could write on any subject so Andy Rooney wrote “An Essay on Doors.”

He and his wife, who died in 2004 of heart failure, were married for sixty-two years and had four children.