As Republican Mudslinging Continue, Obama’s Rating Increases

As Republican Mudslinging Continue, Obama's Rating IncreasesThe Democratic party has reasons to smile these days. This after the approval rating of President Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election in the United States has improved. In the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll on Friday, 49 percent of the respondents were happy on the way US president Barrack Obama is handling the country a slight increased from his 47 percent approval rating in October.

The slight increased in the trust rating of Obama came as the possible Republican candidates are busy throwing mud at each other. Based on the same survey it was also uncovered that the number of Americans who has high hopes that the country is headed to the right direction also increased from 21 to 25 percent. On the same survey it was also however learned that if ever the Republicans will select former Massachusetts governor as standard bearer in the presidential election today, he would beat Obama by one percent 44 to 43 percent.

Ipsos pollster Julia Clark revealed the result of the survey has shown that the 2012 US presidential election will be a tough fight. The survey consisting of 1,106 adults, of whom 937 were registered voters was done from October 31 to November 3.