Family, Fans of Michael Jackson Express Joy In Dr. Conrad Murray’s Conviction

Family, Fans of Michael Jackson Express Joy In Dr. Conrad Murray's ConvictionThe immediate family and fans of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson are now in a jovial mood. This after the court found Dr. Conrad Murray, guilty of involuntary slaughter for the untimely death of Jackson. After announcing his verdict, judge Michael Pastor ordered the 58-year-old medic handcuffed and remanded in custody, pending sentencing later this month.

According to reports, the mother of the late singing superstar cried out of joy after hearing the guilty verdict. Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson for his part said justice was finally served after the sentencing of Murray. The fans of the late King of Pop also jumped and shouted after hearing that Murray was found guilty to his pending case.

With the guilty verdict, Murray is could face four years in jail and could be banned from practising medicine once the sentencing is read on November 29. Jackson earlier died due to an overdose of propofol on June 25, 2009. Aided by his lawyer, Murray denied allegation against him saying Jackson caused his own death by taking too much pain and sleeping pills. Evaluating the contentions of both parties, the court found Murray guilty to his crime of causing the death of the late king of pop.