Joe Frazier Dead At 67 After Short Battle With Liver Cancer

Joe Frazier Dead At 67 After Short Battle With Liver CancerThe former undisputed heavy weight champion lost his battle with liver cancer on Monday. He was sixty-seven years old. He is famous for his epic bouts against Muhammad Ali. He lost his life after diagnosed with an advance stage of liver cancer six weeks ago. He had a career that spanned almost twenty years and had also won an Olympic gold medal. He was the first and only American fighter to will in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. He was also a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Joe Frazier is best known for the 1970’s trilogy of bouts fighting Muhammad Ali. This included the epic “Thrilla in Manila.” His nickname was “Smokin’ Joe and had taken two major heavyweight titles. He was a big part of the heavyweight division of boxing in the 1970’s. He ended his career with thirty-two wins, which included twenty-seven knockouts, one draw, and four losses. He lost to Muhammad Ali, and George Forman.

Joe Frazier was the first man to defeat Muhammad Ali in 1971 at Madison Square Gardens with a unanimous fifteen round decision. It was called the “Fight of the Century.” When it aired on television, more that three hundred million people were watching.

Joe Frazier started his career with twenty-nine consecutive wins before he lost his heavyweight title and first loss to George Foreman in 1973. In two rounds, he was knocked down six times by George Foreman.