Today: Large Asteroid Passing Between Earth and Moon

Today: Large Asteroid Passing Between Earth and MoonOn Tuesday, November 8th, a huge asteroid that is bigger than an aircraft carrier will zip between the moon and Earth. It has been thirty-five years since the Earth has had such a close encounter with a large rock but scientist say that there is no need to worry because it will not hit Earth.

This asteroid, who scientists call it 2005 YU55 is approaching Earth from the direction of the sun and it was two hundred years ago that this asteroid came so close. On Tuesday at 6:28 pm EST, it will come within two hundred thousand miles of Earth and just a little under one hundred fifty thousand miles from the moon.

If it were to hit Earth it would blast out a crater that was one thousand seven hundred feet deep and four miles wide. To get a clearer picture of what it would look and feel like, think seventy foot high tsunami waves and a magnitude seven earthquake. Since it was discovered in 2005, scientists have been tracking this slowly spinning asteroid, which stretches one fourth of a mile across.

Scientists are saying that nothing this big will venture so close again until the year 2028.