Child Number Twenty Is On The Way For Dugger Family

Child Number Twenty Is On The Way For Dugger FamilyYes, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are expecting their twentieth child in the spring. Their latest daughter was born on December 10, 2009 when Michelle Duggar was only twenty-five weeks pregnant. The child is doing great in spite of being so premature. Michelle Duggar is forty-five years of age and she and her husband have children ranging in age from twenty-three years of age to the latest who will be two in December. She has had two sets of twins also. Their oldest son has made them grandparents with a grandson who is four months old and a granddaughter who is two years old.

Because of her last pregnancy, which sent her into premature labor due to preeclampsia, is being monitored closely by a high-risk pregnancy doctor. She stated that she is eating very healthy and skipping the caffeine and getting plenty of rest.

Their popular show on television, “19 Kids and Counting” had their season finale tonight. It has not been stated if they will return next season but most like the show will return as “20 Kids and Counting.” Each time they have added a child the name of the show has changed. It has been a staple on The Learning Channel on cable television.