Iran Work Specific to Nuclear Arms

Iran Work Specific to Nuclear ArmsOn Tuesday, November 8th, the United Nation’s atomic agency stated that they suspect Iran of conducting experiments in secret for the first time. These secret experiments have the sole purpose of developing nuclear arms. This assessment comes to light after drawing on nearly ten years of research and draws on one thousand sheets of intelligence.

The report that was used is by the International Atomic Energy Agency and suggested Iran is producing atomic weaponry by using the ruse of a nuclear program that appears peaceful. The debate is whether it is time to get rid of diplomatic efforts that have failed and use force instead to end Iran’s nuclear defiance.

The evidence in this report suggests they are working on the acquiring equipment plus the ideas to develop nuclear arms. Some of the indications that are suggesting Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons include:

  • They have conducted development of a detonator for a nuclear charge to be set off and high explosive testing
  • They have a computer model of the core of the nuclear warhead.
  • Preparatory work for a test of nuclear weapons.
  • Development of a nuclear payload for Shahab 3 intermediate range missile for Iran, which is a weapon that could reach all the way to Israel.

Due to the report confirming the United States suspicions about what the nature of the military is in regards to Iran’s program, President Obama and his administration are getting a variety of sanctions ready. The administration is also listing other measures to be used against Iran if the Islamic republic does not answer questions that have been raised about their nuclear ambitions.