[Video] Amazing Road Trip Around America in 5 Minutes

drivelapse road trip around America
Photo from BrianDeFrees.com

YouTube user DeFreesProductions has published an amazing timelapse photo video of a road trip around America (Check it out below).  It’s an amazing snapshot of this beautiful country set to some uplifting music from the Waking Lights as well.

This Roadtrip Timelapse or as they call it a “Drivelapse”, covers the 12,225 mile road trip around America during August and September 2011, and takes sequential photos from the trip and condenses it into 5 minutes.  Brian Defrees has a website that shows the entire map of his road trip around the USA, as well as information on his camera and mount, and pictures of the car he drove.

The video is slowly going viral on Youtube as it gets shared around the globe via twitter, facebook, Google +1, and many other social media sites.  The Drivelapse video currently has just under 65,000 views, thought that is rising rapidly.  Here’s the video: