Bus Accident Kills 11 Hungarian Tourists In Egypt

Bus Accident Kills 11 Hungarian Tourists In EgyptThe sight-seeing agenda of 11 Hungarian tourists ended in tragedy in Egypt. According to reports, all 11 Hungarian tourists died after the bus they were riding overturned due to over-speeding in a Red Sea resort town in southeastern Egypt. The Egyptian police said aside from the fatalities, 27 other Hungarian tourists were also badly injured after the accident late Sunday.

In the initial police investigation, the bus was running at high speed towards the airport from the hotel were the road accident victims were staying. The driver lost control of the vehicle’s brakes due to its high speed that resulted to the deadly fatal accident. It was learned that road accidents is quite common in Egypt because of its bad roads and poor implementation of its traffic rules.

Based on police estimate, road accidents in Egypt claims 6,000 people every year. A thorough investigation on the road accident is still underway at the moment.