China Denies Cyber Spying Yarn Vs. US

China Denies Cyber Spying Yarn Vs. USChina has dismissed claims by the United States that they are engaged in a cyber espionage operation to take lucrative U.S. trade and technology secrets.
The Chinese government said such an allegation is not true and very “irresponsible”. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China did not engaged in such an illegal activity. Hong said accusing China with such grave accusation without due basis is unprofessional and irresponsible.

He hoped the international community will not isolate China after the allegation and help them instead in maintaining on-line security. Earlier, the US intelligence community revealed China and Russia are using cyber espionage to steal U.S. trade and technology secrets to bolster their own economic development, which poses a threat to U.S. prosperity and security.

Moreover, the intelligence officials said it is part of the national policy of China and Russia to try to acquire sensitive technology for their own economic development, while the United States does not do economic espionage as part of its national policy.