Eighty-seven Year old Woman Shoots Husband

Eighty-seven Year old Woman Shoots HusbandA woman in Missouri who uses a walker to get around shot her eighty-eight year old husband on Sunday because she thought he was having an affair with her hairdresser. On Tuesday she pleaded not guilty to the felony account of domestic assault in the second degree. At this time she is still in jail.

She confronted her husband with a revolver after she accused him of “stepping out” with her hairdresser. He was lying in bed as she approached him using her walker. She then later fired at him. She told the police that she did not kill him but she scared him and that is what she was trying to do. She did it because he had it coming to him for cheating on her.

The woman, Dorothy Desjardins, struck her husband in the arm with “bird shot.” The doctors left the “bird shot” in his arm because they said it would do more harm to remove it. Of course the husband is denying every seeing the hairdresser except when his wife was getting her hair done.

Author’s Opinion: It does not matter how old you are, you can still be accused of having an affair. I do not, personally, think she should be in jail. Yes, she broke the law by shooting her husband, but they should take into consideration her age and medical condition. Give her probation, let her do some volunteer work as part of her probation, and let her go home. By now, I am sure her husband knows not to even look at that hairdresser.