Man Proposes Marriage Using Ring From Woman He Murdered

Man Proposes Marriage Using Ring From Dead WomanA man in Chicago, who was a felon out on parole, used a ring from a dead woman to propose to his girlfriend. Last month a felon beat an elderly woman to death and stole her wedding and engagement rings. This engagement ring is the one he gave to his girlfriend after accepting his proposal of marriage.

According to the report just hours after the felon, Raymond Harris, attacked the seventy-three year old woman and left her bleeding and unconscious in her garage, went to a party. He was showing off both rings and was asking his friends at the party which ring he should give to his girlfriend when he asked her to marry him. A week later, he proposed and gave her both rings. The elderly woman was rushed to the hospital where she was declared brain dead and died two days later.

The felon had served thirteen years of a thirty year sentence for aggravated arson and attempted murder and was paroled in May. They identified him as the suspect after they found a bloody watch in the victim’s car. Doing a DNA test, it showed a match to Raymond Harris’s DNA, which is in the law enforcement database. His fiancé turned the rings over to the police.

Raymond Harris is being charged with armed robbery and murder and he is being held in jail without bail.