Starbucks To Open Juice Bars in the United States

Starbucks To Open Juice Bars in the United StatesIn 2012 the Starbucks Corporation is planning to start a chain of juice bars. It is venturing into new territory that has been staked out by Jamba Incorporated. It will be the biggest expansion ever beyond coffee. Jamba Incorporated is a publicly held juice and smoothie chain.

Starbucks has bought Evolution Fresh, a juice company for thirty million dollars cash. This company that Starbucks purchased has products that are only sold by a few retailers, which include Whole Food Markets, Incorporated.

Starbucks is hoping that this move will give them a part of the estimated fifty billion dollar health food market. They are planning to open the first juice bars on the west coast around the middle of 2012 but how many they are planning on opening is not known at this time. It has also not been revealed what the chain’s name will be or if the familiar Mermaid logo would be displayed in the stores. Just recently Starbuck’s Mermaid logo had the word “coffee” dropped from the design.

According to the CEO, this is just one of the many moves Starbucks has planned for the health and wellness market. The demand for healthier drinks and juice bars is coming from the people who are choosing fresh vegetable and fruit drinks for meal replacements, individuals who are trying to bolster their health by dietary cleanses, and ones who are watching their weight.

Starbucks want to start selling a wider range of products through their own cafes, other retail outlets, and grocery stores.