Dedicated Husband Dump Dives to Find Lost $10k Engagement Ring

Dedicated Husband Dump Dives to Find Lost $10k Engagement RingOn the night before Halloween Anna McGuinn handed her husband ten thousand dollar custom-made engagement ring to put in her jewelry box when she went into take a shower. When she went to get it out on Halloween it was not there. Here husband, Brian McGuinn, realized that he had in the same hand a disposable razor that he had thrown away, apparently along with the ring. The bad news was that the trash had been picked up that morning…along with the disposable razor and her ring.

She called the company that processed their garbage and found that they would let them do a search operation for the ring. Because she was five months pregnant, her husband volunteered to do the search so he suited up and began to go through a ten foot high pile of garbage. A sanitation worker helped him with the search. Because it was the first pick up of the day the worker knew which area to look in.

After pawing through mounds of feces, garbage, and carcasses the husband saw the hot pink frozen yogurt cup his wife had the night before, then he saw the disposable razor. He saw a silver nail glaring at him so he took off his glove and stuck his hand down into the mess and pulled out her diamond ring. When he got home he stuck the ring that was still covered in sludge on her finger.

The wife had it cleaned at a jeweler’s and has vowed not to take the ring off anymore. Her husband said that he was lucky and was able to find the ring in about an hour.