Largest November Tornado on Record

Largest November Tornado on RecordOn November 7th, a massive tornado touched down in Tipton, Oklahoma and was just one of six confirmed tornadoes. They were spawned by a huge super cell storm that rolled across Oklahoma and Texas. On Wednesday November 10th, it was upgraded to an EF-4; the second highest rating on the damage scale after the destruction was analyzed. This was the biggest tornado that Oklahoma has seen in November.

During the tornado a thirty-foot tall weather collection tower was knocked down by the tornado. It also destroyed and extension office of the Oklahoma State University. The winds of this massive tornado reached between one hundred sixty-six miles and two hundred miles to three hundred twenty-two miles.

This particular storm system produced heavy rainfall and flash flooding over parts of south central Oklahoma late November 6th and early November 7th plus many other thunderstorms. In some areas there were up to nine inches of rainfall reported. The one good thing that did come out of this storm was help to alleviate some of the extreme drought condition in the state.

Later in the afternoon of November 7th and on through the early morning of November 8th, this same storm produced severe weather that included large hail, tornadoes, flooding, and damaging winds. Because the other tornadoes did not cause any substantial damage their strength was not determined.