Cleveland Father Joshua Rains Charged With Child Endangerment

Father Charged With Child EndangermentOn Saturday, Joshua Rains, age twenty-five, from Cleveland, Ohio, was arraigned on one count of felony child endangerment charges. He was arrested on Wednesday at the Metro-Health Medical Center where doctors in the emergency room had to remove a diaper wipe surgically from his eight week old son’s throat. The child had a baby wipe lodged in his throat blocking his airway, chocking him.

According to the police report the father told them that he was changing his son’s diaper and that he wiped the infant’s mouth with a baby wipe. When he went to pick it up, he noticed that the baby wipe had disappeared. He told the police that he when he saw that the baby had swallowed the baby wipe he tried to pull it out but it only went farther down the baby’s throat. The police have stated that the claim is not consistent with the injuries the baby suffered.

The police are investigating whether the father did it intentionally or if it was an accident because the father admitted to putting the wipe in the infant’s mouth. This same little infant had been hospitalized for a detached eye lens when he was only five days old. According to the police report this incident was not reported by anyone.

At this time there is no word on the infant’s condition but the hospital is stating that the baby is on life support.

Opinion from the author: This is an apparent case of blatant child abuse and the hospital is as much at fault as the father because they apparently did not report the first incident. It does not seem like it would be that hard to pull a baby wipe from a baby’s mouth, especially if it was within a few minutes of wiping their mouth.