Milwaukee Runs Provocative Infant Death Syndrome Ads

Milwaukee Runs Provocative Infant Death Syndrome AdsThis provocative ad has nothing to do with sex but instead it relates to helping parents understand the dangers of sleeping with their little one in the same bed with them. This ad campaign was unveiled last Wednesday with the caption”YOUR BABY SLEEPING NEXT TO YOU CAN BE JUST AS DANGEROUS.” In one ad the baby is white and in another ad the baby is black.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sudden infant death syndrome is the second leading cause of infant deaths. It often happens due to “unsafe sleep,” which includes sharing abed with their parents. The paper claims that Milwaukee has an infant mortality crisis on their hands. In 2009 for every one thousand live births, there were ten point four deaths. The overall rate is fourteen point four for black infants and five point four for white infants. They want to reduce the overall rate of infant deaths by ten percent by the year 2017. Because it seems that it happens more to black infants they want to decrease the rate by fifteen percent by the year 2017.

The mayor of Milwaukee stated that some ZIP codes in the city have infant death rates that are higher than some Third World countries. There have been both good and bad responses to the ad.