Storage Wars: $500k in Gold and Silver Found in Storage Unit

Storage Wars: $500k in Gold and Silver Found in Storage UnitA man in San Jose bid on an abandoned storage unit and won it for one thousand one hundred dollars. Upon looking to see what he had bought for his money he was surprised when he opened a blue Rubbermaid container and four a number of silver bars, a few gold bars, and some rare coins. The treasure he found was worth five hundred thousand dollars.

The auction was held by American Auctioneers, who are the subjects of A & E’s television show Storage Wars. The man who bought the storage unit prefers to remain anonymous but did call the auctioneers to let them know of his find. In California a storage unit that not had the rent paid for three months becomes available for auction. When you go to the auctions you are allowed to look into the storage unit from the outside for five minutes and then the bidding begins. Sometimes you get a great payoff and at other times you get zilch.

According to a paper in San Francisco the unit was owned by an elderly woman who had recently died. The container that held the treasure took three men to carry it out of the storage unit. The plastic container is what got the man interested in bidding for the unit. He told the auctioneers that he liked the fact that it was plastic, easy to move, and it was clean. It was also a great find.