Kids Getting Drunk With Vodka Soaked Tampons [VIDEO]

tampons and vodka a match made in heavenJust when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes this feel good story of teens soaking tampons in vodka and shoving them in their vagina, or, in the case of males, in there rectum. That’s right, vodka tampons in your rectum. We miss the simple days of beer bongs here at California Examiner.

A local CBS News station broadcast a report on a new and growing fad among kids the other day, and while we initially thought it was April 1, the punch line never appeared. Teens, looking for new ways to get drunker faster, have come up with the brilliant idea of soaking a tampon in vodka, which apparently can hold a full shot (who knew?), and shoving it up their vagina or rectum. Makes you wonder, just who is the person that first came up with this idea, and then actually followed through with testing it out?

Kids figure this is the way to go, as they can get drunk much faster on much less alcohol, thus saving them some money. They also figure people (ie Parents, Teachers, police) won’t be able to smell the alcohol on their breath, so therefore they won’t be caught drinking.

Unfortunately, they didn’t think about the fact that they’ll end up overdosing on alcohol, and fall to the floor in a coma. Somehow I thing most parents might wonder about the coma.

I just hope the kids aren’t sharing tampons. You just know the extra press exposure on this story will make many hundreds of thousands more kids give this retarded idea a try. I can see a dangerous tampon shortage coming our way. In fact, I wonder if the Tampon marketers came up with this idea??

Anyways, here’s the video about kids soaking tampons in vodka and shoving them up their ass.