New Drug Tunnel Found Between Tijuana and San Diego

New Drug Tunnel Found Between Tijuana and San DiegoWith the discovery of a new tunnel that crossed borders on Tuesday authorities were able to seize seventeen tons of marijuana. On the United States-Mexican border, this drug smuggling tunnel was a significant discovery. The passage linked Tijuana and San Diego warehouses and was about four hundred years in length.

There were 9 tons of the marijuana that was seized by the United States authorities inside a warehouse in the Otay Mesa area of San Diego and inside a truck. The other 8 tons were discovered on the in Mexico by the Mexican authorities. The packages had markings such as labels of Bud Light, Captain America, and Sprite, all of which were codes that identified the owners.

The tunnel had ventilation and lighting systems and the walls were braced with wall supports. The passage was about three feet wide and four feet tall and on the United States side it dropped approximately twenty feet. Pictures taken by the Mexican authorities showed an entry that was blocked by bundles likely stuffed with marijuana.

Two men, who were allegedly left in a truck from the warehouse was pulled over on Tuesday. The truck had approximately six thousand pounds of pot. The two men in the truck are being charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and if convicted are facing life in prison. Both men are schedule Thursday to be arraigned.

Since October 2008, more than seventy tunnels have been found with many of them clustered around Nogales, Arizona and the Imperial Valley in San Diego, California.