Twenty Killed in China Kindergarten bus Crash

Twenty Killed in China Kindergarten bus CrashOn Wednesday eighteen children and two adults were killed in a head on collision between a truck and a very overloaded school bus in the northwestern part of China. The bus only had nine seats but was carrying sixty-four people. The bus was from a local kindergarten and according to officials, these buses are often crammed with students for their journeys home. This is done even though there are strict regulations against such practices.

A driver in September was charged with seriously overloading his bus after it was stopped and sixty-four children were found on board. The school buses were built to transport eight passengers but most of the seats have been removed so they can carry many times that number of people.

Among those killed in the crash were a teacher and the driver. There were another forty-four people injured with twelve of them in serious condition. The truck driver was detained by the police. In the video of the crash it shows the two vehicles surrounded by debris from the wreck and they were facing each other. The front part of the bus was badly damaged.

According to statistics, there are approximately one hundred ninety deaths a day from road accidents because the drivers often ignore traffic safety laws.