Bedbug Sniffing Dogs Sniffing Out Bedbugs in New York

Bedbug Sniffing Dogs Sniffing Out Bedbugs in New YorkFirst came dogs that sniffed out drugs and not you have dogs that are trained to sniff out bedbugs so what is next. These unusual dogs are not your typical dog sniffing German shepherds but are two young beagles. These two young beagles with the names of Nemo and Mickey have joined the New York City’s housing inspection team. They began their sniffing work last week and have already uncovered three bedbug infestations. This resulted in violation notices served on the landlords.

Okay, they have sniffed out the bedbugs, the landlord has been served a violation notice but what does this really accomplish? It is not getting rid of the bedbug problem because many of the landlords do not care.

To get these two bedbug sniffing beagles, it cost almost seventy thousand dollars, which was covered mostly by the City Council. This exorbitant amount of money covered the expense of acquiring two beagles and their six months of training to sniff out bedbugs. This money will also pay for veterinary care, insurance, housing, food, and continuing schooling for the first year. This is a first for the housing department of New York City.

For the record, bedbugs do not spread any disease. They are just annoying little bugs that like to crawl all over you and bite you, making you itch like crazy.