Beware of K2, New Potent Drug on the Market

Beware of K2, New Potent Drug on the MarketThere is a new drug on the market that is known by the name “Spice.” It is also known by other names such as “legal marijuana” or “K2.” Across the country it is being sold to students in high school, and you can even purchase it in some smoke shops and online as incense. It is being sold as aromatherapy incense and it usually consist of dried leaves with chemicals sprayed onto the leaves. It is NOT marketed for human consumption but when it is smoked the effects it has is similar to those you would get from smoking marijuana. It is also cheap and legal, which marijuana is not.

Although it may have similar effects to smoking marijuana the effects are said to be many times stronger. It is a legal drug and unfortunately it is accessible to many teens but it should only be sold to those who are eighteen years of age or older. This controversial “drug” has been linked to accidents and deaths. One such incident is an eighteen year old committed suicide by shooting himself after smoking it.

Spice began to originally appear in the late 1990’s but did not really become popular until 2008. It is banned in many countries including Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, and the U.K. to name a few. There is no ban on it yet in the United States because it is just becoming popular here.

It also has many negative side effects that smoking marijuana does not have including anxiety attacks, nausea, hallucinations, chemical dependency, and can even cause rapid heart rate, which has caused many people to go to the emergency room.