Destructive Reno, Nevada Wildfire Halted

Destructive Wildfire in Nevada HaltedOn Friday, a wildfire that was wind-driven by winds gusting to sixty miles per hour had raged across two thousand acres of sagebrush by that afternoon, destroying or damaging twenty-four buildings. This wildfire also forced thousands of residents from their homes in Reno, the biggest city at the edge of northern Nevada.

At least seventeen people were hurt, one of which was a firefighter. The firefighter had suffered first and second degree burns. Those injured were hospitalized for cardiac or respiratory illnesses. The wildfire is also being blamed for the death of a seventy-four year old man who died after suffered a heart attack. He and his wife were trying to flee the wildfire and lost control of his car.

The wildfire, called the Caughlin Fire, began shortly after midnight on the outskirts of the southern side of Reno in the hilly, scrub covered area. Reno is a metropolitan area with approximately four hundred two thousand people. It burned into affluent suburbs.

They are investigating a number of possible causes for the wildfire. They think it may have been caused by some collapsed power lines, or it may have been caused by a fire that was lit by homeless people so they could keep war. The vicinity where the fire started is also known as a “party are” that is used by teenagers.

By afternoon a team of four hundred fifty firefighters had stopped the forward advances of the wildfire but they said that though it is contained all it could take would be a shift in the wind and it would start up again.