Classic Toy Facts: Looking Back On The Slinky and Etch A Sketch

Classic Toy Facts:  Looking Back On The Slinky and Etch A SketchWe, who were born in the ’40’s and 50’s had some great toys that we had a lot of fun playing with and as we look back on some of those toys, like the Slinky and the Etch A Sketch, we now wonder how did they do what they did. Here are some interesting facts on some of those toys.

Slinky — this toy was a bit hit in the ‘50’s and 60’s with a lot of television commercials advertising what all the great things you could do with it. Every child just had to have one. It was a dream inspired toy from a man who worked in a shipyard in Pittsburg, and in its sixty year history there has been over three hundred million sold. You can still find them today but they do not seem to be as good as the older ones. We all had fun stretching them out as far as they could but who knew it was seventy to eighty feet in length. It was not made from long wires rolled into coils but it was a metal pipe that was shaved in a circular pattern. If you took all of them have been sold they would go around almost two hundred times.

Etch A Sketch — this classic has been around since the ‘60’s and it gave children a chance to use their imagination to draw whatever they wanted. But the big question is, how did it work? Inside there was a pen that was controlled by the knobs which when turned would scratch a picture on the glass. Also inside, when you turned it upside down to erase the picture was some small plastic beads and powdered aluminum. When you shook it, the beads recoated the screen with the aluminum powder and restored the gray appearance so you could make more drawings.

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Slinky or “Lazy Spring” is a toy consisting of a helical spring that stretches and can bounce up and down. It can perform a number of tricks, including traveling 


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