Man Accused of Bomb Plots in New York City Arrested

Jose Pimentel Accused of Bomb Plots in New York City Arrested
Reuters Photo

A man who is an al-Qaida sympathizer has been accused of plotting to bomb post offices and police stations in New York City. He has also been accused of plotting to bomb troops for the United States that are returning home. He is now in police custody after being arraigned on various terrorism related charges.

The man, Jose Pimentel, is twenty-seven years old and was motivated by his resentment of the United States having troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, he was also motivated by terrorist propaganda. He was ready to carry out his plan so on Saturday the police had to move quickly to arrest him before he did. When they arrived to arrest him he was putting the bomb together.

New York still remains a prime terrorism target 10 years after 9/11 and as of this date, there have been fourteen terrorist plots, including this one. Thankfully no attack has been successful. In May 2010, an immigrant from Pakiistani tried to detonate a car bomb in Times Square and for that attempt he is serving a life sentence in prison.

Joe Pimentel was motivated to carry out his scheme because of the killing of a United States born cleric who was al-Qaida in September of this year. Joe Pimentel is a United States citizen who is originally from the Dominican Republic. For the last year he has been under surveillance and was working with confidential informant. According to the police he did not appear to be working with anyone else. He is what police refer to as a lone wolf.