Delaware Mother Faces Charges After Son, 9, Drives Car To School

Delaware mother charged after 9 year old son drives self to schoolA mother in Delaware now faces a criminal case for allowing her nine-year-old son to drive their car to his school. Tammy S. Oneal was charged for reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child for allowing her minor son to driver their car. Based on court records, the mother allowed her son to drive their 1990 Toyota Corolla towards W. Reily Brown Elementary in Dover.

The incident was witnessed by many school officials who saw the boy parked the car at the parking lot with his mother seating on the passenger side. The police said what the mother did is a poor decision on her part since she is not only putting her child in danger but also other people as well. The mother for her part defended that his son is already an experienced driver since he had been driving their car since he was five years old.

The mother is currently enjoying temporary freedom from her case after posti ng $1,000 bail. The police hoped the arrest of the mother will served as lesson to all not to allow minors to drive a car on the road.