Rare U.S, Mexico Borderlands Jaguar Spotted in Arizona

Rare U.S, Mexico Borderlands Jaguar Spotted in ArizonaOn Saturday, in Phoenix, Arizona, hunters in Arizona made a confirmed but rare sighting of a wild jaguar near the Mexican border in the southern part of Arizona. The normal habitats of the jaguar range from Argentina to the borders of New Mexico and Arizona. At this time, hunters in Arizona have only spotted a few jaguars. It is believed that in the U.S. there are no jaguars being bred.

A hunter was using his dogs to track down mountain lions in the southeast part of Arizona when he spotted the jaguar. The huge cat climbed a mesquite tree. The hunter was able to capture a video and pictures of it. After the Arizona Game and Fish Department viewed the video they classified the sighing of the jaguar as highly probable or verifiable.

The hunter did not want to be named and the video and photos are not being made public. The jaguar stayed in the tree for about fifteen minutes before it got down and headed south. These cats are the only ones in the United States that actually roar. They live on a diet of fish, reptiles, birds, and a variety of mammals. They thought t the jaguar had disappeared from the U.S. until 1996 when there were two sightings that were confirmed.

Very little is known about the habits of the Jaguar because only a few have been spotted since them. They are saying that from the images they believe that the jaguar was an male adult. It appeared to weight about two hundred pounds and be in good health.