Twenty-eight U.S. Navy Sailors Discharged For Drug Use

Twenty-eight U.S. Navy Sailors Discharged For Drug UseOn Monday the Navy announced that it was discharging twenty-eight sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. These sailors were caught using the designer drug called Spice, which mimics the effect of marijuana. One month earlier another sixty-four sailors were discharged from the Navy for also using this drug and others. Most of thee sailors were from the USS Carl Vinson. The Navy’s drug policy is zero tolerance.

This designer drug, Spice, is sold online and in head and tobacco shops as a form of incense. It is supposed to available only to those over the age of eighteen years of age. It is the “drug” of choice among many teenagers because of it easy availability.

The investigation is still under investigation and it is not clear when or how these latest sailors were caught. No details are being provided on the ranks or ages of the sailors being discharged.

After a seven month deployment the USS Ronald Regan returned to its home port of San Diego in September. The air carrier had been in the Western Pacific region, which included the Arabian Gulf. In this area is where the ships supported troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In March the air carrier provided aid after the devastating nuclear disaster and tsunami in Japan.

To discharge its sailors and process them out of the service, it will generally take six to ten weeks.