Two Trains Stolen In Switzerland

Two Trains Stolen In SwitzerlandApparently times are still so tough these days that even trains are now stolen by thieves. Yes, you heard it right, policemen are now tracking down two thieves who took away two trains from a miniature train park in western Switzerland on Saturday. The Switzerland police said the thieves forced open the doors of two different depots, and took the two trains inside Swiss Vapeur Park at Le Bouveret in Switzerland.

The police revealed the stolen trains are a a petrol-run train called BVB and a steam train that runs on gas. Park authorities were baffled by the incident since it is hard to move the trains as one of them weighs about 800 kilograms.

It was learned that park employees were very upset over the incident since the stolen trains are very important for them. The police, for their part, vowed to do their best to arrest the thieves and recover the stolen trains.