Federal Authorities Seized Fisherman’s 881 Pound Tuna

Federal Authorities Seized Fisherman's 881 Pound TunaThis week a fisherman from Massachusetts brought in an eight hundred eighty-one pound tuna. Unfortunately he did not get to keep the tuna because authorities seized it. The crew was catching fish that lived on the bottom using nets when they caught the gigantic tuna in their nets. The tuna was seized when they returned to the dock.

They are saying that the reason for they seized the tuna was because of the fact that fishermen can only catch a tuna with a fishing rod and not a net. The fisherman, Rafael, did have the appropriate permits but he just caught the tuna the wrong way.

By them seizing his catch this means that he may be missing cashing in on a big payday because recently a seven hundred fifty four pound tuna sold for almost four hundred thousand dollars.

The fisherman is claiming that no one told him that they could not catch it with a net and that it could only be caught with a fishing rod. He said that he prepared for this big catch by buying fifteen permits to catch tuna for the past few years for his ground fish boats.

The proceeds from selling this fish will be put into a special account in until the issue is resolved by NOAA Office of Law Enforcement. After the issue is solved, if the fisherman is found to be in violation the proceeds from the sale will go into the asset forfeiture fund.