Is Urban Meyer Going To Ohio State?

Is Urban Meyer Going To Ohio State?Everyone NCAA Football fan is asking the question Is Urban Meyer Going To Ohio State?  While the rumor mill continues to swirl around the internet and sports channels, todayMeyer said he is not going to Ohio State.

Meyer said he has not received any offer from Ohio State, and that there is no deal in place.  You would think that statement would squash the rumors and give sports anchors one less thing to talk about, but that is unlikely.  Meyer said he intends to spend Thanksgiving with his family and that he would make no more comments on these rumors.

This goes against the reports on many tv channels, and websites that reported a deal was done and that an announcement would be made next week that he is the coach of Ohio State.  For their part, Ohio State athletic department staff also confirmed that there was no job offered to Urban Meyer, and that no deal was in the works.

Meanwhile, current Ohio State coach Luke Fickell tries to keep his players focused on the task at hand, as they prepare to play 17th ranked Michigan this Saturday.  He declined to comment on the coaching rumors, saying it’s not about rumors, it’s about the game, and he’s going to make sure it’s about the game.  His parting comment when asked about the rumored deal, he said all he knows is there’s a game at 12 PM Saturday.

So we’ll all have to wait for next week to see if indeed Urban Meyer is going to Ohio State!  Stay tuned.