Three United States Students Being Held in Egypt

Three United States Students Being Held in EgyptOn Tuesday three students from the United States were being paraded on Egyptian television. The students have been accused of throwing petrol bombs during protests near Tahrir Square in Cairo at the police who were protecting the Interior Ministry. The demonstrators at Tahrir Square have been demanding an end to military rule.

The pictures showed three with their backs against the wall facing the camera. Videos taken by camera phones showed the three taking part in the protest at night with one of them wearing a medical face mask and another had a head scarf around their mouth. Many of the protestors have been wearing the medical face masks to protect themselves against the teargas.

The American University in Cario did confirm that the three arrested were American students and that they are working with the Egyptian authorities and the U.S. Embassy to make sure that they are safe. The students are Luke Gates, Derrik Sweeney, and Gregory Porter. The U.S. Embassy has requested consular access and they expect to be granted that access on Wednesday.

The students are currently being held at the Abdeen’s public prosecutor’s office. At this time there is no new information as to what is going to happen to the three students.