If Attacked by Israel or U.S, Iran Threatens to hit Turkey

If Attacked by Israel or U.S, Iran Threatens to hit TurkeyIran is warning Israel and the United States that it will target NATO’s missile defense installations if either one attacks the Islamic Republic. The head of the Guard’s aerospace division states that the warning is just part of a new strategy defense. This strategy is to counter what they feel is an increase in threats from Israel and the United States.

Since the report was released this month that stated that Tehran was a suspect in the conducting of secret experiments tensions have been rising between the West and Iran. The report is hinting that these secret experiments had the sole purpose of developing nuclear arms.

Because the Western allies and the United States are suspicious of Iran of trying to make atomic weapons, they have issued a warning of a possible attack on the nuclear program in Iran. Iran keeps saying the program is going to be used for peaceful reasons. NATO’s radar station that is in Turkey is an early warning system that Iran is threatening to attack and is meant to protect Israel against missile attacks from Iran if a war should happen to break out within the Jewish state.
The United States is also planning to install similar early warning radar stations in Arab states. This plan is spurring Iran to alter their military defense strategy.