Supplements That can Help With Joint Pain

Supplements That can Help With Joint PainMany people in the United States suffer from some type of joint pain; some even suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can be from arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and back pain to name a few. There are prescription medications and over-the-counter medications that you can take. There are also herbal supplements and creams that you can try to help with chronic pain.

Here are some of the herbal supplements and creams you can try first to help with chronic pain but you should first check with your physician.

  • Turmeric—this is a plant from the ginger family and is considered one of the most powerful healers of nature. It is an anti-inflammatory supplement and you should take one to three grams of the dried powered root of the plant. Check with your physician to see how much you should take for your particular condition.
  • Fish Oil—this is a supplement is used to ease the pain and inflammation caused by many chronic conditions. It is often recommended to take two to four grams a day and up to eight grams for severe pain.
  • Capsaicin—this is derived from chili peppers and will help soothe pain when you apply it directly to your skin. You can get this in lotions and creams and applied to your skin three times a day.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate—this supplement has the potential to not only reduce joint pain but also repair joint damage. There is no set recommended dosage but if you weight two pounds or less you should try fifteen hundred milligrams a day and between two thousand and two thousand two hundred fifty milligrams a day.