Yawning: How Your Body Keeps Your Brain Cool

Yawning: How Your Body Keeps Your Brain CoolContrary to the fact, the reason that people yawn is may not be because they are bored or tired. It may be because this is the body’s way of cooling off your brain. Yes, you read that right. Scientist has this theory that when you yawn you are cooling off your brain and your sinuses may also play a role in this by acting like bellows. Scientist feel that yawning helps regulate the temperature of your brain.

Your brain is very sensitive to any temperature changes and must be protected from becoming overheated because they operate best when cool, just like computers. What scientists thinks happens when you yawn is that the walls of your maxillary sinuses, which are located in your cheeks on each side of your nose, flex like bellows and will help with cooling down your brain. This is just a theory about your sinuses because some scientists feel that your sinuses have very little function at all.

The theory about yawning cooling your brain has medical implications also. Sometimes excessive yawning will often precede pain in people with migraine headaches and seizures in people who have epilepsy. They are hoping that physicians will be able to use excessive yawning as a way to identify conditions in patients that affect temperature regulation.

It seems that yawning excessively can be symptomatic of conditions that increase your core or brain temperature such as sleep deprivation and central nervous system damage. Scientists are continuing their research to prove their theories are correct.

Yawning May Cool the Brain : Discovery News

Sep 23, 2011  A new theory suggests that yawning may be a basic way to cool an overheated brain.