[VIDEO] Swiss Rocket Man Yves Rossy YouTube Sensation

[VIDEO] Swiss Rocket Man Yves Rossy YouTube SensationThis video of Yves Rossy aka Swiss Rocket Man is truly incredible, and more than a little insane.  YouTube is getting hit hard on bandwidth on this video of  Swiss Rocket Man, Yves Rossy has already been viewed a mere 1,026,549 times, and that count is going up fast!

Yves drops out of a small plane with a hard glider wing apparatus and starts heading straight to the ground at god knows what insane speed.  Then he begins to pull up and level off.  And that’s when the cool stuff begins.  You begin to see him pick up speed while gaining altitude and then you see the jet exhaust.  Yes, the man is strapped into 4 jet engines.

While it is awe inspiring, at the same time, I found myself giggling a bit at his outfit.  He totally looked like Buzz Lightyear!

You can check out Swiss Rocketman here:


And here’s NBC’s anchorman Brian Williams showing rocketman’s latest feat, flying in perfect formation with two REAL jets. Insane.