Santa Photo Time: Your Children With Guns AND Santa Claus

Santa Photo Time: Your Children With Guns AND Santa ClausA local Scottsdale, Arizona gun club is hosting an event for parents and children in which the children get to pose for a picture with Santa Claus. The thing that makes this a strange picture with Santa Claus is that the children will be holding machine guns in the picture. These are guns that they would not be able to own legally. Even toddlers are going to be able to hold the high powered gun. According to the organizers of the event, it has attracted hundreds of participants who want this strange photo.

According to the advertisement it describes the photo shoot as a “one of a kind opportunity.” The ones getting their picture taken will be standing next to Santa Claus who is sitting in his chair against a backdrop of a Garwood mini-gun that is worth eighty thousand dollars and a SGC cool belt fed machine guns. Those guns are the M60, the M240, and the M249. It does not state which type of gun the people in the picture will be holding.

If you are a member of the gun club the picture will only cost you five dollars but if you are not a member it will cost you ten dollars. At the event last year there was only one participant who did not let their child pose with a gun.

On their website they are announcing the event as ”Santa’s back with his bag of goodies. Get your holiday picture with Santa and his machine guns.”