Phony Physician Used Concrete in Surgery

Phony Physician Used Concrete in SurgeryA man, in the state of Florida, claimed to be a plastic surgeon and he was allegedly offering a low-cost household operation to sculpt fuller cheeks, luscious lips, and sexy buttocks for his clients. The man, Oneal Ron Morris, was not real and had fake credentials. He was using a very dangerous mix of Super Glue, an aerosol for fixing flat tires, and cement to get the results that he was promising.

The patients he did this procedure on are just now coming forth and helping the investigators gather evidence against the man. Mr. Morris apparently injected himself with the same toxic mixture. The victims have been slow coming forward because they are embarrassed that they fell for his promises. Many of the victims are transsexuals but at this time there have only been two confirmed cases.

The man and his assistant were arrested last week and have been charged with causing bodily harm and practicing medicine without a license but they are now out on bail. He is accused of injecting them with a cocktail of toxins which also included mineral oil. The super glue was used to seal the incision.

The case they currently have against Morris and his assistant stems from a woman who was hospitalized with a bacterial infection and pneumonia after she underwent a serious of in injections given to her in May 2010 by Morris. Because she was too embarrassed to come forward it took the health investigators in Florida a year to put the case together.

Another victim had wanted fuller cheeks and chin plus larger lips. She had to pay a proper surgeon to repair his botched job and to this day her face is misshapen. The investigation is still ongoing.