(Another) Sophisticated Drug Tunnel Found Between Tijuana, San Diego

(Another) Sophisticated Drug Tunnel Found Between Tijuana, San DiegoAnother drug tunnel has been discovered between Tijuana and San Diego and this is on is really sophisticated. It has reinforced walls and has electrical rail cars. This is the 4th major drug tunnel found between Mexico and the United States this month alone. It connected two warehouses. One was in Tijuana and the other was in San Diego.

This sophisticated drug tunnel had an elevator, lighting, a steel door that was hydraulically-controlled, wooden floors, electric rail cars that were set on tracks, and reinforced walls. It was found on Tuesday after a 6 month investigation and is six hundred twelve yards long. In this bust, the authorities seized over thirty-two tons of marijuana that was worth approximately sixty-five million dollars. They also arrested 6 people in connection with the smuggling operation.

The harvest season for marijuana is now over so the drug smugglers were trying to move large quantities into the United States, which is why there have been so many drug tunnels being used. Since 2006, in San Diego, this latest find is the seventh large scale drug smuggling tunnel found. In the last four years there have been over seventy-five smuggling cross border tunnels discovered.