Burger King French Fry Recipe Changes Again

Burger King French Fry Recipe ChangesFor the first time since 1998, the 2nd largest hamburger chain is making a change to their French fry recipe. They are reducing the amount of sodium in the fries, adding some coating that will help to keep them hotter for a longer period of time and more crispy, and they are going to be thicker. Their new fries will be just a little wider in width than a number two pencil. By December 5th, they will start appearing in more than seven thousand restaurants in the United States.

Their fries are a huge seller for them so that is why they are trying to improve them now. This move is coming about just a little over twelve months after Wendy’s introduced their newer French fries, which were a natural cut that is thinner, that left some skin on and had sea salt already sprinkled on them.

Those who tried the fries before deciding when to introduce them to the public said that with the thicker fries, they were easier to handle and eat. These fries have twenty percent less sodium than the older fries. For a small bag, which costs one dollar, there will be two hundred forty calories and three hundred thirty milligrams of sodium. The new fries will be cooked in Trans fat-free vegetable oil.

On December 16th the restaurant will be promoting their new fries by offering the dollar bag of fries for fee. In 2012 the new fries will be available world wide. There are twelve thousand four hundred Burger King Restaurants around the world.