Philippine New Year’s Day Celebration Leaves 1 Dead, Injures 739 Others

Philippine New Year's Day Celebration Leaves 1 Dead, Injures 739 OthersThe New Year’s Day celebration in the Philippines is not all good. A 10-year-old boy was reported killed and 739 others badly injured as the Southeast Asian nation celebrate New Year’s Day. The Department of Health (DOH) revealed the boy died after the explosive power he gathered from unused firecrackers exploded in Cabanatuan City, Northern Philippines.

Th 739 others were also injured in the celebration caused by the firecrackers they used. The DOH said five of those 739 injured were children who accidentally swallowed small firecrackers. The Philippine government had already imposed a ban on the use of firecrackers to avoid deaths and injuries.

However, many Filipinos wantonly violate this law since they believe the best way to celebrate New Year is to use firecrackers. The DOH hoped there would be a zero casualty in the New Year’s Day celebration for 2013.