The Most Useless Lawsuits of 2011

The Most Useless Lawsuits of 2011It seems in this day and age everyone wants to sue someone over some stupid and frivolous, wasting both the taxpayer’s and the judicial system’s time and money. In the year 2011 there have been many of these lawsuits and some of them are really funny.

In no particular order, here are ten very ridiculous lawsuits of the year 2011. After you read the list, you will find yourself scratching your head and wondering, “What in the world were these dumb people thinking.”

  • A convict sued a couple that he kidnapped for not giving him any help to evade police.
  • A man brings a gun illegally into a bar. He gets into a fight and gets injured. He then proceeds to sue the bar for not doing a search on him for weapons when he came into the bar.
  • Some older children sued their mother for playing favorites and sending them cards for various occasions without gifts.
  • A woman has a disagreement over an eighty cent refund with a store and sues the store for five million dollars.
  • A mother files a suit against a preschool that was exclusive over her child’s college prospects.
  • A man that was obese sues a burger restaurant over it being a tight squeeze to get into their booths.
  • A woman sues a movie company because of a movie trailer. She claims that was not enough driving in the movie “Drive.”
  • A passenger made a lawsuit against a cruise ship for swaying back and forth and going to fast.
  • A mother sued the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese because she says that the games there are encouraging children to gamble.
  • A man is suing for age discrimination because he says that the judge in his case is too old.