Inventors That Have Been Killed by Their Own Inventions

Inventors That Have Been Killed by Their Own InventionsNot all inventor’s have been killed by things that they have invented but there have been some famous inventors, and some not so famous inventors, who have invented something, tried it themselves, and been killed as a result of it. Their death could have been caused by their invention crashing while they were in it, or indirectly because of being exposed to the harmful things in the invention.

Here are some of those inventors, both famous and infamous, who have met their death due to the invention, directly or indirectly.

  • James Douglas—this inventor was from Scotland and invented the Scottish Maiden. He died in 1581 when he was beheaded on his invention.
  • Horace L. Hunley—this inventor was an American and he invented the submarine he called the H. L. Hunley. In 1863, he died in the second failed attempt to use this submarine.
  • William Bullock—this inventor was an American and invented the Rotary Printing Press. He died in 1867 when his foot got caught in the printing press, and died four days later from the complication of gangrene.
  • William Nelson—he was an American who invented the motorized bicycle. In 1903 he died while testing the bicycle for General Electric and fell off.
  • Franz Reichelt—he was an Austrian who invented the overcoat parachute. He died from falling from the Eiffel Tower when he was demonstration his invention.
  • Max Valier—this inventor was German and invented the liquid fueled rocket engine. He met his death in 1930 when one of his inventions exploded on his lab desk.
  • Marie Curie—this inventor was Polish and she invented the theory of radioactivity, polonium, and radium. She died in 1934 from aplastic anemia caused by constant exposure to the elements of radioactivity.