Apple To File Lawsuit Over Chinese Made Steve Jobs Doll

Apple sues over chinese Steve Jobs dollA civil case is set to file against a Chinese manufacturer who plans to create and sell a realistic Steve Jobs action figure for customers around the world. Technology giant Apple Incorporated has written a letter to Inicons warning them not to proceed with their plan to manufacture and sell Steve Jobs dolls.

Apple said Inicons do not have the right to sell the dolls since only the company has the sole right to sell products related to the late technology icon. However, despite the threats, Inicons owner Tandy Cheung remain unfazed and said that the sale of the dolls in February at $99 each will proceed as planned. Cheung said the manufacturing of the dolls is currently ongoing and he will not let any case to stop them from their plans. It was learned that this early, many people had already expressed intentions to buy the dolls in honor of Jobs, who is well loved by technology loving persons worldwide.